Sunday, 3 June 2012

The month of June

June greetings, fellow earthlings!

I haven't been updating my blog much. Been too busy these days and with so much going round, one can hardly find time to breathe, let alone write, right?

Last night I came up with a very short essay type writing 'Blank Pages'. Its for Blog-a-Ton--bloggers marathon.
Honestly speaking, I wouldn't call it one of my best works. In fact, I was actually disappointed in myself. But oh well, just as long as I participate. Though the topic was one hell of a challenge.

Anyhoo, if you want to participate, you always have 'next month'!

I need to make an exit now.

But before taking my leave, one sentence for you to finish--
"I used to be......but I am not anymore"

Think about it and drop your reply below =)

~~The Girl.


  1. I used to be Confused but I am not anymore.
    Does it fit the bill? :P
    The short post that you wrote>Blank pages..was very meaningful,so no worries..and we have time for whatever we want to take out time for :)

    1. Yep! That fits the bill =)

      And thank you, I really thought it wasn't that good.
      But always nice to read a compliment ;)

    2. I used to be demanding (a jerk) about my meal choices and I am not anymore.

      I think this idea of asking people to drop a line completing the incomplete thoughts like above is great. Diverse opinions is what makes the world so colorful, high time people accept that sharing is caring in more ways than one!

      I would also love to read you complete the blanks above...may be even write a post about the same(I`m considering it)!

    3. I used to take every small thing very seriously, I don't anymore.

      And yes, you are completely right. Sharing of thoughts and ideas are equally important!

      Will be very interested in reading your post about it :)

      And thank you so much for stopping by!


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