Monday, 25 June 2012

Some simple things..

Some simple things in life give you tremendous amount of happiness.

For you it could be cuddling with your pet, dancing to the track you love the most, singing out loud knowing you sound pathetic and not caring, suddenly hugging your mom from behind, playfully punching your dad, reading that favorite book again and again, splashing in shower pretending that its raining, sitting and listening quietly to your grand parents' tales, eating something you know is forbidden, wrestling with your brother, cat fighting with your sister, talking utter rubbish with your friends, watching the moon and stars and so on....

For me? Its every aforementioned thing.

Keep 23 hours of your day for everyone and everything. But always give yourself at least an hour of peace where you sit and think, where you do what you like the most. There is no harm in giving yourself pep talks once in a while. They say talking to yourself is weird and is a sign of madness. But I feel talking to yourself helps in clearing your mind up. You get to know about your two sides, the good one and the bad one. And also which comes out to be stronger in the end. With that you can judge your character.

You yourself are the only person with whom you don't have to pretend.

Before saying tata, a question for you--
Which is that one track you can listen to all the time and yet not get tired of?

~~The Girl


  1. awesome yaar... :) & about the track... hmmm i hav a list of songs which i can listen all the time and yet not get tired of... :)

    1. Thanks, Anjali! :)
      And yep, same here! There are so many songs that I can't get tired of either!

  2. I hear and feel this post 100%
    We always neglect ourselves and we do have to remember we deserve to give ourselves some quality time too!

    1. Thank you, Sanaa =) And yes, I agree!

  3. Replies
    1. I will listen to that =)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. a wow post..:) :)
    and there are a lot of songs in my favourite playlist....:)
    keep writing..:)


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