Friday, 6 July 2012

He Walked On...


                     He walked on...

Being alone in a street is not easy. And he was alone in a country. It was a country full of quaint people, men who had nothing to do with others. People who solely knew how to live their own monotonous lives. It was not easy for him to merge in. He was not ready for a change that drastic. He wanted to talk. To express his own self. But the blase was on their blank faces. 

Credit: Pinterest

He looked to his left and saw the bill board that told him to do something he didn't understand. Frustration is not the word, my friends. The little colourless umbrella didn't seem to be friendly enough. His face turned to his right, and he saw nothing but bare walls which spoke even less than the bill boards. The black tail coat with an exorbitant price purchased from a very dear shop and the top hat accompanied by a small briefcase didn't help him much in blending, going unnoticed.

You know you are a stranger when people turn toward you and also when they don't. In either way, you don't belong to that country of men. And when that happens, the only option left with you is to walk on, and leave them behind.

~~The Girl.


  1. I don't agree to your last paragraph.It is likely that if they do look or don't look they may be like you.It is just possible to know when you really come to know the perception of the person staring you.
    Nice description though of the guy and city.

  2. I can feel you a little on this one. The city that I loved so dearly seems to have dissolved.
    Was planning to blog on that sometime soon.
    Yours is a wonderful way at it :)

    Not Just My Allegories

  3. Nice! Just came here to learn a bit more about people following my blog. Glad I did. Looking forward to reading more!


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