Sunday, 13 May 2012

Crushes and Break Ups.

I have friends who crib about break ups. But aren't break ups a part of life? The normal teenage hood consists of first crush, first kiss, the first time you actually blush around someone you like, and so on. Thats the beauty in the innocence of the whole thing. Everything you did, gave you such simple happiness.

I remember the first guy I 'fell for'. I gave him my best eraser, just like that. And, he didn't give me anything in return. And yes, the next day I took my eraser back...without telling him! I recall being angry then, and promising myself never to like any other guy ever. But did I keep that promise? Hell, no! And now, I laugh at that old, or rather the young girl who so easily gave up on "love".

I understand now that these silly crushes are important, they teach you how to fall and then get up, cry a bit and then move on. Thats how it is and will remain until you come across that one person you know you'd want to "spend the rest of your life with" (Then again, even that doesn't mean "happily ever after")

But there are some people of my age as well as older at times who need to understand this. The moment you get in a relationship, you need to remember that at some point this would end, but you don't have to dwell on that faraway day every second. Enjoy it while the relationship lasts. When it does end, cry, be depressed and then smile and accept it. The decision to be in the relationship was not wrong, just the person you chose to be in it with was for you. And, hey! Who cares, just as long as you had fun? You got your fair share of smiles as well as your fair share of pain. It is as simple as that.

After all---
If it were meant to be easy, they wouldn't have called it "crush" ;)

~~The Girl.


  1. I want to mention that this post really forced me to do so. Really nice post!

  2. LOL, true that. Wish I'd read this when I was a teenager, busy getting crushed all over the place!


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