Thursday, 10 May 2012

Finally it goes up!

He woke up in search of something he knew he wouldn't find. The sun's rays peeked through his tiny window as slyly as he usually tip toed to his little sister's bedroom. He rubbed the sleep from his tired eyes and carefully searched for his slippers with his toes. Sighing, he had to get up and lean to find them with the help of his dim witted eyes. The general clatter of a few utensils that they owned told him that the food was ready. No prize for guessing what laid there on the second-hand wooden table his father had purchased. He took a look in the mirror before opening the quivering door. The mirror, albeit cracked, was squeaky clean. Sighing once again as his hair refused to obey him, he strolled toward a small room they proudly called the dining space.

The sister was smiling like a little angel but it'd take more than a smile to make them laugh that day. However usual the day sounded, it was the day when his sister had to suffer an operation. Being a 2 year old, she had no idea what laid ahead of her. But for that matter, none of them knew that either. Because isn't life all about surprises? That is exactly what he had written on his wall in his ragged handwriting decorated with broken spellings-- "Lif is al abot supprisses"


He gently laid his sister down. Carefully arranging the sheet, he adjusted the pillow on which her round head rested. He brushed back the soft brown curls from her chalk white forehead. For the first time he noticed how long her dark eyelashes were, just like their mother. This amazed him as he believed he knew her by heart. He could close his eyes and draw her beautiful face without thinking twice. The curve of her forehead, the roundness of her cheeks with a little hint of blush in them, the small button like nose which was as straight as the new ruler he had bought her, just so that she could play with it. Her lips soft and unnaturally pink. The milk teeth white and perfect. She had inherited three dimples from their parents, one on each cheek and the last on the curved chin. Her light eyebrows were perfect arches above her big dark round eyes which were the most striking features of her.

"Its time you let her go", his father whispered.

He nodded and choked back a cry. A cry of frustration, of anger and of grief. Grief of never seeing that smile again, those dimples which took a quick glance at the world when the smile brightened.
He will never see that laughter in her eyes again. Those eyes have hugged the darkness for ever, leaving his with nothing but tears which will wet his face and dry his soul up.

"May the soul rest in peace"

They turned and walked away, crying. And for the first time in 13 months of complete dryness, the sky cried with them.

~~The Girl.


  1. This is just amazing. you are a wonderful writer and your work has made me speechless. It was a marvellous experience reading it :)
    keep posting such works. looking forward to more!

    1. Thank you! Your feedback means a lot =)


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