Thursday, 17 May 2012


Just a little something, an attempt.

When she spoke, her words flowed and mingled with those of his. They shared one laughter and that outlived all the smiles they showered on the banal beings. In the mirror he saw his face, in her eyes he caught his self.  When her fingers entwined with those of his, they became whole. When they clashed, it thundered but also rained, flooding them with relief such that knew no bounds. When they walked, their marks left behind on the desert sand of squalor overlapped. When they hugged, they merged in a single umbra. When they closed their eyes, however different their dreams might be, they always witnessed each other in them, thus ending the reveries with the same conclusion. Her tears found place in his eyes. his pain housed in her heart. When they kissed, the meeting of the lips went unheeded and the whispering of the eyelashes consumed them. Her head rested on his shoulder and his laid on her lap. They loved others and hence deified each other. They lived, for they were alive in the true sense of the meaning.

~~The Girl


  1. Your little something was more than just a mere something.Lovely thoughts that poured out here.
    I love the imagery your words created.

  2. Thanks! That was a lovely comment =)


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