Monday, 7 May 2012

Two and a half done!


True that I haven't received a single comment on any of my posts, but nevertheless I refuse to get disheartened.

So now I have a story under progress, a finished poem AND a short story which just witnessed its last full stop ; )

I don't know if they will ever end up being published on my blog since that depends entirely on my readers but I am proud of them even if I say so myself! = P

With so many smileys at the end of every paragraph you must have guessed that I am in a cheerful mood and you are right! I am, reason being...nothing. And thats the best part about my happiness. I am happy because I want to be happy, I feel like being happy = )

But I guess thats not entirely true. I came to check my stats on this blog and guess what? SEVEN page-views in ONE day! Isn't that fantastic?!?!

So if you have been viewing my blog, thank you!

~~The Girl.

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